T-patterns exposed at different flash sizes

T-patterns are exposed using
different flash sizes and
sequences of flashes. All other
conditions are equal.

Subfield, 32 µm, 50 kV, 1 µm flashes

Subfield Subfield

A subfield is uniformly exposed using a variably shaped beam. The exposure starts at the bottom left corner, moves to the right, and then back up in a serpentine. The time dependent distortions due to heating are predicted and observed experimentally. The temperature dynamics at specified points of the subfield are shown in corresponding colors.

To check out simulation of averaged dose over exposure time for this pattern along with its experimental verification, click on performance page.

Subfield at the end of its exposure

Subfield Temperature rise over the subfield

Temperature rise over the subfield at the end of its exposure at 25% and 50% pattern coverage. 50 kV, 40 A/cm2, 40 µC/cm2, photomask.