Scanning electron microscope images of gratings (a) on a nanoimprint template and (b) after imprinting and pattern transfer into silicon. High pattern fidelity down to 7 nm was achieved.

Electron microscope image of nanoimprint template

Micro- and nano-fabrication

We develop state-of-the-art nanofabrication processes, especially in nanoimprint lithography. Our applications focus on the fabrication of a new class of photonics and custom microelectronic devices.

The company runs user projects at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and works closely with foundries and universities.

Our completed and on-going projects have involved the following technologies:

  • Nanoimprint lithography with sub-15 nm patterning resolution
  • Nanopatterning of functional materials
  • Electron beam lithography with minimum feature sizes down to 20 nm
  • SEM metrology and inspection
  • Photolithography
  • Photomask design and fabrication
  • Vacuum film deposition
  • Reactive ion etch
  • Dicing

The development of a product can range in quantities from a prototype to pilot production in the shortest time possible, with minimum overhead expenses.

See some of our recent publications.

Spectrometer on chip photo and SEM image

Spectrometer-on-chip (collaboration with LBNL and NOD)